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Jaipur to Delhi Shared Cab


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  2. Want pick up location near vki road no 14

  3. (verified owner)

    Amazing Features – Wifi Free throughout the Journey, Fast , Efficient Services. Nice Security features.
    In total Just WOW. Neat & Clean. I especially loved the Hygiene inside the cab. Rate is Awesome Man !!! just 999 Jaipur to Delhi. Fellow Passengers were professionals and nice. Only 3 passenger at a time. Better than any other service I have ever experienced. Thanks to the TEAM FLYBYROAD.

  4. 3 Cheers to this innovative Share Cab service. I have traveled along with 2 male passengers and didn’t felt insecure. the driver personally shared his i.d. details first and fellow passengers were very well behaved and gentle. I have shared it to my relatives and they were happy to know that i am travelling safely. I felt so amazing when saw there is a security camera and panic button also in case of emergency the driver itself described me everything. Heads off to this new Cab service. I am a Fan now!

  5. Great Experience of Traveling with Flybyroad. Very Punctual about the boarding time. Driver is very good and well behaved, I especially like the way he greeted to my Family and me. Customer Service is very good while boarding the cab we got a personalized voice call from support center as a Welcome call and it made my day. My wife appreciated my choice and I am a happy customer of flybyroad now.

  6. Simply one word for the new Business Class Service I received — “FLYBYROAD” you guys nailed it. I have sucha good experience with this company in my First trip to Delhi. Far better than any other local travel companies or buses, trains. I travelled with a couple. All 3 window seats. Amazing wi-fi througout the journey. Driver is looking a trained one not just ordinary. Boss I must say travel with them and get a lifetime experience of Business Class service. Good Luck Team.

  7. Genuine Critic on this Cab Service is Better than any other means of Transport available. Fare for one person is very economic with the facilities they are offering , I cannot imagine who else and what else can be provided inside the cab. Security Features are good, whole time working camera. Hygienic Cab and Neat & clean Driver. Good leg space in the Car. Enjoyed free Wi-fi. Stop at Safari Resort was awesome. Personalized In cab Welcome call, Midway Alert and Destination call which has made this company different amongst the Best in this business. Overall 4.5 out of 5. Keep up the Good Work. Best Wishes

  8. Very amazing cab. I traveled with my family this early morning and just reached Delhi. Correct pickup time and drop time. Nearly 5 hours with a average highway speed. The support center In cab voice system was amazing. They personally greeted us.It made my day. Everyone in my family appreciated the way we all have been taken care. Good work, flybyroad. I will definitely fly with you again in my return journey

  9. This new Family cab service is so good that I cannot imagine in such a low fare , I traveled so safely and enjoyed my ride. At Safari resort midway stop from Flybyroad for 20min. me and my wife had a great time there. It was a nice place. My wife liked it the most. So i guess if homemaker is Happy what else do you want. I am a Fan of your service.

  10. I am using First time time and rite now i am writing this while travelling. Cab is spacious. We are total 3 people sitting here. It’s a share ride and i guess all 3 of us are enjoying. I saw Cab security features are good. There is a camera , panic button for emergency. Driver updated me about the Free Wi-fi so we all are using it. Great in 799 Rs. Jaipur to Delhi with all these sort of Luxury and comfort. I hope their service remains the same in near future not like other companies to lure first they provide services and then just waive it off.

  11. I traveled this morning in your cab. It was nice but the wi-fi connectivity was poor. Though I enjoyed the spacious car and nice traveling experience in the morning.

  12. My first experience in your cab with my family was good. we reached on time which was the best part. I am a single mother and 2 kids traveled with me. The fare was really low as compared to the services you gave us. We have been treated so nicely by the drivers. Support center interaction was so humble. Safety features are nice. It can be better if you also allow more luggage. Well my return journey will remain the same. I liked your services.

  13. Dear Mr. Yogesh,
    Our company will be soon starting new routes for JP-DL-JP which will include VKI road no.14, Please visit our website regularly to checkout the latest information. We appreciate your patience.


  14. Dear Mr. Siddhart
    We appreciate your valuable feedback and our technical team is continuosly working on how connectivity issues can be resolved. It will be soon recitified. We value your suggestion. you can also write us at info@flybyroad.com , Kindly visit us again on website to know more about the updates and thanks for using our services. We are expecting to see you soon.

  15. Hello Ms. Roshni
    We appreciate your valuable feedback. At present the luggage option is the same. If in near future any changes occur will inform you via e-mail or sms. Kindly visit us again on website to know more about the updates and thanks for using our services. We are expecting to see you soon.

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